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Barataria Industries

(a proud member of the of the Trans-Global Enterprises family)

Current Products

Bat Ray High Speed Vessels

Bat Ray

In 1994, Barataria Industries was asked by the Wotanberger Commonwealth Command (WOCOCO) for its assistance in developing new ships to provide support to WOCOCO's self-defense, peace-keeping, and humanitarian missions. Having just completed research for the Mustela Department of Transportation on how it should replace its aging fleet of ferries and being given a contract to develop plans for a number of high speed, aluminum catamaran hulled vessels not unlike those being built in Australia,* the Coorporation immediately suggested that WOCOCO consider "piggybacking" on this project, secretly of course.

When the first conceptual drawings and specifications were presented to WOCOCO, Tarafu's famous Gagaj (Chief) and Taki (Military Leader) Tali Urulu II (who, as a boy, had snuck aboard LtCdr Quinton McHale's PT-13 on one of its many missions to the Marivellas) stated that the new ship looked like a "PT Boat on steroids". As reflected in the picture above the name stuck through the planning process, although "Bat Ray" was adopted by the Corporation as the trade name for its vessels**, "Taratupa" was adopted by WOCOCO for the class of vessels it would purchase, and "Quinton McHale" was selected as the name for the first of those vessels.

If you are interested in this product, you may contact us here.  Unfortunately, however, sale, lease, or other transfer of these products is limited to customers in the Wotanberger Commonwealth or, with both approval by WOCOCO and OAC, in la République des Marivelles and the nations on this list


* The Corporation denies that its Bat Rays are merely cheap copies of the more famous vessels built in Australia and leased by the U.S.

** For a variety of reasons, including these two photos:

bat boat     bat ray