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Barataria Industries

(a proud member of the of the Trans-Global Enterprises family)

Current Products
Bushmaster Weapons Carriers


Inspired (perhaps) by the brilliantly conceived and executed Waffentraeger Wiesel (shown below), Barataria Industries developed the prototype Bushmaster armed with either a 20-mm machine cannon or the TOW missile (shown above).*


At the same time, Barataria also developed a prototype of a 2.75 inch rocket launcher version called the Banshee shown below:


Testing of the prototype reveals some problems which were corrected in the final version. Today the Bushmaster "family" includes the following:

BansheeThe Banshee Rocket System (SSM)


basset iiThe Basset II Rocket System (SAM)


gatoraidBoth of these systems Gravitational Anomaly Targeting Optimized Radar ("GATOR") produced by Yoyodyne whose GATOR Anomaly Interpretation Device ("GATOR-AID") is mounted on this special version of the Bushmaster.


This special ambulance version of the Bushmaster produced for the
Order of St Hubert is called the Brunhild.


mortarIn addition, Barataria Industries is testing a version equipped with a 120 mm mortar which shown being testing at the Corporation's test facilities on Taratupa, in the Seiber Islands.**


* The Corporation denies that the Bushmaster is merely a cheap copy of the more famous WaffentraegerWiesel currently used by the German Army. The Corporation states that it is merely coincidental that its development of the Bushmasater began shortly after the reported disappearance of a complete set of plans for the Wiesel and the Wiesel II.

**In order to test the equipment under conditions which might be faced in Europe, a snow-machine was used to produce the snow shown in the photo.