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Barataria Industries

(a proud member of the of the Trans-Global Enterprises family)

Famous Products
High Speed Fishing Boats


In late 1940, Barataria was visited by representatives of the Grand Duchy of Wotanberg. Earlier, these representatives had approached certain unidentified U.S. government officials with a request for at least six PT Boats to protect the Grand Duchy's colony, the Seiber Islands. Familiar with Barataria's capabilities (and discretion), these certain U.S. govermment suggested that the Wotanbergers "visit" Barataria before leaving the U.S. empty handed.

Based on the Wotanbergers' description of their needs, Barataria's chief architect was quickly able to update and modify the Blackfish to meet those needs. To avoid violating any obvious violation of the neutrality of either the United States or the Grand Duchy, the new boat was described simply as a "high speed fishing boat".*

All plans and photographs of the "high speed fishing boats" appear to have disappeared from Barataria's files, but the Seiber Islands Historical Journal and Tarafu University have graciously made this copy of the front page of the plans for one of them available to us. (For more information on these plans and the boat itself, click here.)



* (1) The Corporation denies that the "high speed fishing boats" were merely cheap copies of the more famous 77 foot P.T. boats built by ELCO in Bayonne, New Jersey. The Corporation also states that it is merely coincidental that its development of the "high speed fishing boats" began shortly after the reported disappearance of a complete set of plans for one of these ELCO P.T. boats.
(2) The Corporation also denies that the "high speed fishing boats" were part of a covert U.S. government operation to secretly transfer real P.T. Boats to various fronts for American and friendly foreign intelligence agencies. It specifically denies that it merely acted as a conduit for these transfers, making only some minor, mostly cosmetic, modifications to real P.T. Boats prior to "selling" them as "high speed fishing boats".