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la République des Marivelles
(Republic of the Marivellas)




A biography of the President of the Republic

Guillaume "Wild Bill"
Boniface Bonchancelouis


We regret that this page is currently "under construction".


Nearly one year ago, counter-revolutionary hackers "trashed" the official English language internet presence of the Republic. Upon learning of the attack, our Republic's humble President's good friend Vince Ricardo, founder and Chairman of the Board of Trans-Global Enterprises, immediately made cyber-space available on its website to ensure that the world could maintain contact with our beautiful islands.

We are trying to restore this page to its original state, but will be unable to do so for some time. We urge you to check back in the near future.

Until then, and at the express request of our Republic's humble President, we will share some of what these scurrilous hackers left in their pathetic attempt to restore the despicable despot (whose name not even our humble President may lawfully speak) to his former position:

Here is a derisive "poster" hacked onto this page:


This was, of course a crude effort to insert our beloved President's visage onto a modified advertisement for the 1979 American movie "1941". Although it is true that our beloved President's nickname is the same as one of the main chracters in that movie--pilot "Wild Bill" Kelso--he received his nickname as a young man of 16 years when he earned the title of Schützenkönig ("champion shot") of the Seiber Islands Schützenverein. One of the Americans at that event noted that our now beloved President shot as well as the famous "Wild Bill" Hickok.

Moreover, although our beloved President is also a pilot (as appropriately reflected on the official Presidential portrait at the top of this page), he has only flown the aircraft supposedly flown by "Wild Bill" Kelso in the movie--the famous P-40--on a few occasions. One of the few times was, of course, when the following photograph was taken. This photograph was taken as our now beloved President confronted his predecessor as President (whose name not even our humble President may now lawfully speak) just after completing a decisive strafing run over the Presidential Palace in a P-40 belonging to the Cutter Air Museum:


Our beloved President's words as he confronted his predecessor as President (whose name not even our humble President may now lawfully speak)--"Go ahead, make my day!"--not only effected the immediate surrender of the despicable depot, but earned "Wild Bill" the undying respect and gratitude of the nation. For this reason, our beloved President has decided to use the "Wild Bill Wants You" poster in the next Presidential election campaign. Of course, such an election is not expected for some time since our beloved President was elected to serve as "President-for-Life", as is the custom in our country.