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Barataria Industries

(a proud member of the of the Trans-Global Enterprises family)


Our Photo Albums

The Barataria Boat Works

Photo 1: The company's famed sailboats on parade in the 1890's:

old boats

Photo 2: The "first" new Barataria Boat Works building which was completed ion 1854. This much later photo shows it shortly before its replacment in 1899 by the "second" new buiding (see Photo 4 below):

old boatworks

Photo 3: To celebrate the first "national" Mothers Day" in 1914, the company sponsored a special cruise on San Francico Bay in its famous motor launch, the Pride:

old boat

The launch was frequently hired by the Alviso Duck Club for its own special excursions on the Bay. [Both the Alviso Duck Club and Barataria Industries deny that the launch was ever used for illegal or immoral purposes during these "special excusions".]


Photo 4: The "second" new Baratraia Boat Works building which was constructed in 1899. This photo shows the building during World War I when the company built patrol boats for the U.S. Navy

new boat works

Click here for additional information about this photograph which reveals Quinton McHale's World War I visit to the Baratraia Boat Works.