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Barataria Industries

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Buzzard Airplanes


In early 1942, representatives of a U.S. government agency approached the Barataria Aeronautical Corporation with a request to equip a DC-3/C-47 with floats so that it could be used as a seaplane.

With its experience with float planes, and especially the Beta Volantis, Barataria was well qualified for this task. In a short time it had produced and attached floats for its prototype (shown above).

The plane was named the Butor after the Creole name for a bird--the Lesser Bittern--which inhabits the bayous of Louisiana.* Despite some teething problems, the Butor ultimately proved reasonably successful supporting special operations carried out by the government agency which had commissioned the project. In addition to the Butors sold to the U.S. government, two were sold to the Grand Duchy of Wotanberg for use in its Pacific colony, the Seiber Islands.

In addition to the Butor, many other DC-3/C-47's were modified or equipped for special purposes during the war. Collectively, these aircraft were given the designation of Buzzard.

Exact numbers are not available, but at least 100 DC-3/C-47's were modified or outfitted by Barataria during World War II. After the war additional DC-3/C-47's were refurbished, modified, and/or converted by the Corporation both for the U.S. government, other friendly nations, and various businesses and individuals.

Among the [non-classified] specialized versions of Buzzards produced by Barataria are the following:

The Bushwhacker & Bazooka : each type armed with different crew-served weapons for use against ground targets. These were possibly the inspiration for similar aircraft used by the U.S. Air Force in Vietnam.

The Blizzard : equipped with skis and other special features for use in the Arctic.

The Backdraft : equipped to fight forest fires.

The Bos ** : outfitted to transport "V.I.P.'s" in comfort.

Barataria Industries remains able to service, repair, refurbish, modify, and/or convert DC-3/C-47's or Buzzards.

If you are interested in any of these aircraft, you may contact us here.  Unfortunately, however, sale, lease, or other transfer of these products is limited to customers in the Wotanberger Commonwealth or, with both approval by WOCOCO and OAC, in la République des Marivelles and the nations on this list


* "Butor" is also the Louisiana French word for "lout".

** "Bos" is the Louisiana French word for "Boss" and was Jean Lafitte's title as leader of the Barataria Bay business community in the early 19th century. It is the informal (but traditionally obligatory) term of address for the CEO of the Barataria Boat Works, the two Barataria corporations, and now, Barataria Industries. The name is also used to describe the executive version of the Barataria Boucanier.