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la République des Marivelles





PresidentA message from the President of the Republic
Guillaume "Wild Bill"
Boniface Bonchancelouis




Welcome to the temporary English language homepage of the Republic of the Marivelles, graciously hosted by Trans-Global Enterprises.

Some time ago, counter-revolutionary hackers "trashed" the official internet presence of the Republic. Upon learning of the attack, my good friend Vince Ricardo, founder and Chairman of the Board of Trans-Global Enterprises, immediately made cyber-space available on its website to ensure that the world could maintain contact with our beautiful islands.

For all of you, especially Gold Monkiacs, I have two special announcements of immediate interest:

1. To commerate and celebrate the anniversery of the first showing of Tales of the Gold Monkey on September 22, 1982, I have declared September 22 to be a national holiday. I have also ordered that all efforts be made to encourage the many American fans of that television series to share our celebration in person. To this end, I have appointed my good friend Professor Klaus Werner Immerschreiben, Chairman of the Board of Monkey Bar-ometrics, to serve as the Chairman of a special task force that has already arranged for the following:

a. Free transportation between Boragora and Jake Cutter International Airport on Saint Hubert in the Seiber Islands during the month of September, using amphibious aircraft of the Marivellan Navy.

b. Reduced rates at hotels and pension on Boragora during the month of September, as well as free accomodations at dormitories at the University of Boragora for those unable to afford regular arrangements.

c. Special discounts on food, entertainment, and souvenirs at many of Boragora's finest businesses.

d. Continuous showing of the series, uncut and in original order, at the newly renovated Bonchancelouis Center for the Performing Arts. Videos and DVDs of the series will be available for purchase at the Center.

e. Waiving of all import and export duties, fees, and tariffs.

I am sure that this year's festivities will be even better than those of the twentieth anniversary.


2. As part of its adoption of a new national currency based on the Singe d'Or ("Gold Monkey"), the Republic issued bank notes commemorating Tales of the Gold Monkey. For further information, go here. In addition, the first 50 Gold Monkiacs arriving in Borogora between now and September 22, will be permitted to purchase the new gold coins of the Republic at a significant discount.

Please contact Professor Immerschreiben for additional information and assistance at I look forward to seeing all of you in Boragora on September 22nd.


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