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Barataria Industries

(a proud member of the of the Trans-Global Enterprises family)

Current Products
Barracuda Patrol Boats
(In Development)


The Barracuda is the product of the marriage between Barataria's successful High Speed Fishing Boats and Yoyodyne's newest product--the GATOR ("Gravitational Anomaly Targeting Optimized Radar").

According to Dr. John "Gator" McKlusky, Program Manager for GATOR, this system will facilitate the accurate targeting of 2.75 inch free flight rockets which have been used by armies around the world for decades. The key to the system is the GATOR-AID ("GATOR Anomaly Interpretation Device") which utilizes a truly revolutionary technology to detect and analyze the minute changes in the earth's gravitational field created by all objects, including military targets.

If you are interested in this product (or one like it), you may contact us here.  Unfortunately, however, sale, lease, or other transfer of these products is limited to customers in the Wotanberger Commonwealth or, with both approval by WOCOCO and OAC, in la République des Marivelles and the nations on this list.