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Barataria Industries

(a proud member of the of the Trans-Global Enterprises family)

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The Barataria Busard

busard pic


In 2009--almost five decades after introducing the Boucanier--Barataria Aeronautical Corporation introduced a new aircraft, the Busard*, which is now a virtual family of single-engined amphibians which some compare to Lake amphibians**.

Here is a photograph of Barataria’s Chairman and CEO, Siegfried "Sancho" Panzer, in his own personal Busard in front of his humble abode on “McHale’s Island” near Taratupa, in the Seiber Islands:

Busard 1

Here are two photographs of a Busard being flown on a “test drive” by President Bonchancelouis of the République des Marivelles:

 busard 2                busard 3

If you are interested in any of these aircraft, you may contact us here.  Unfortunately, however, sale, lease, or other transfer of these products is limited to customers in the Wotanberger Commonwealth or, with both approval by WOCOCO and OAC, in la République des Marivelles and the nations on this list.



* The Busard (the French word for the Northern Harrier) should not be confused with Barataria's Buzzard, although it must be conceded that their names, when pronounced with an "outrageous [French] accent", do sound similar. 

** The Corporation denies that the Busards are merely cheap copies of Lake Amphibians. The Corporation also states that it is merely coincidental that development of the Busard began shortly after one of its executives attended the Lakeathon 2008 Fly-In in Florida.  (Note:  Expense vouchers submitted by the executive in question confirm that his reason for being in Florida was to investigate the possible misuse of our Founder's name and image at the Magic Kingdom.)

*** Of course, any sale which may have been made was conditioned first OAC and then on approval by WOCOCO.